October 7, 2019

What is Oracle WebLogic Server on Oracle Private Cloud Appliance and Kubernetes and why is it important?

By: Scott Ferguson | Senior Product Manager


This blog provides a brief introduction to the Oracle whitepaper, "Oracle WebLogic Server on Oracle Private Cloud Appliance and Kubernetes.” This whitepaper describes how to setup and configure the Oracle Private Cloud Appliance (PCA), Oracle WebLogic and Kubernetes to run, host and manage your mission critical containerized business applications. It also describes how to migrate Weblogic applications from Exalogic Elastic Cloud Systems to the Oracle PCA.

What are PCA, Weblogic, and Kubernetes

The Oracle Private Cloud Appliance (PCA) is an industry leading Oracle Engineered System designed for rapid deployment of private clouds. Compute resources, network hardware, storage providers, operating systems and applications are engineered to work together, and are managed and operated as a single unit. Oracle Private Cloud Appliance also supports running Kubernetes in an environment fully supported by Oracle. Oracle Linux Cloud Native Environment can be used to create Kubernetes clusters on Oracle Private Cloud Appliance.

The Oracle WebLogic Server is an industry leading application server for developing and deploying applications across conventional and cloud environments. It provides a mission critical cloud platform for applications requiring performance, scalability and reliability. Integrated, native management tools simplify operations and reduce management costs. Developers can leverage modern development tooling and server features for application innovation. Oracle WebLogic Server is available in three editions with increasing functionality.

Kubernetes is an open source project for managing small to large, distributed, containerized workloads. It has a very large following and is probably the number one container orchestration platform in use today. It is most often used with Docker, the most popular containerization platform. Kubernetes can work with almost any container platform that conforms to the Open Container Initiative (OCI) standards. Kubernetes is very robust and can be used to manage containers located on-premises, in the cloud or both (hybrid cloud).

The Winning Trifecta for Today’s Digital Business

Individually, PCA, Weblogic and Kubernetes are industry leading platforms. Together, a unified platform solution to run even the most demanding applications: exceeding the requirements for the digital business of today and on into the future, for a great user experience.

  1. The Oracle PCA provides a high performance private cloud platform to run all of your Weblogic applications.  It supports up to 48 CPU cores, 1.5 TB memory per X8-2 compute node, and can scale from 2 – 25 compute nodes. It comes pre-wired and racked and can be fully deployed in 6 hours. The PCA has its own built in management interface or can also be managed using the Oracle Enterprise Manager. The PCA is fully redundant and provides zero downtime for your mission critical applications, middleware or database - both Oracle and third party. It supports applications running on Linux, Oracle Solaris and Windows. Lastly the PCA supports multi-tenancy to allow you to segment users and workloads, preventing data leakage or management overlap. 
  2. Weblogic Server running on PCA enables enterprises to deploy mission-critical applications that together they provide performance, reliability, and scalability on a secure and highly available unified platform.  PCA is the perfect platform for developing and running your mission critical Weblogic Server applications.
  3. Today’s fast paced digital businesses also require containers and microsevices to develop and scale application deployment. Managing a large scale private, public or hybrid cloud container deployment can quickly get out of control. This is where Kubernetes comes in.  It provides the monitoring and management for small to large scale container deployments. Oracle Private Cloud Appliance and Oracle Private Cloud at Customer fully support Oracle Linux Cloud Native Environment, including Oracle Container Runtime for Docker and Oracle Container Services for Use with Kubernetes.




Today’s digital businesses cannot afford latency or downtime. The combination of PCA, Weblogic and Kubernetes provides a winning combination to drive todays fast paced digital business and keep both internal and external users happy and productive. When you have completed the installation and setup discussed in the whitepaper you will have laid the foundation for running Oracle WebLogic Server applications on Kubernetes on Oracle Private Cloud Appliance, including:

  • Monitoring applications in production
  • Lifecycle management of applications
  • Scaling configurations as required to meet workload demands
  • Analyzing production issues
  • Broader adoption of CI/CD and DevOps for application development and management
  • Enabling ongoing updates to production applications
  • Enabling ongoing patching of production systems
  • Migration and deployment of additional applications to the environment
  • Migration and deployment of Oracle Coherence and Oracle Application Development Framework applications
  • Development and deployment of new applications
  • Future deployment of Oracle Fusion Middleware product applications

To deploy these state of the art platforms see "Oracle WebLogic Server on Oracle Private Cloud Appliance and Kubernetes” and get started today.

Senior Product Manager

Scott has a passion for creating and bringing solutions to market that solve customer business needs and contribute to the financial success of the company. Scott brings over 25 years’ of experience in networking, data communications, software, hardware, cloud and security solutions. He has held numerous senior level positions in product management, field engineering, and product marketing for both startups and fortune 500 companies.

Scott is currently working as a Senior Product Manager within the Oracle Private Cloud Appliance (PCA) BU. He is focused on helping customers migrate workloads and applications to the PCA. Also focused on security and next generation applications. 

Scott was the product manager at four startups as well as working at companies such as Extreme Networks, Avaya, Nortel Networks, Bay Networks and most recently Dyn, an Oracle acquisition. At Dyn Scott worked as an outbound product manager within the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) group where he focused on cloud security solutions including the OCI Web Application Firewall (formally ZenEdge).

Scott has 5 children he enjoys spending time with. He likes reading, music, travel and many outdoor activities such as, biking, scuba and long walks with his dogs. He also spends time supporting several charitable events.

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