October 27, 2017

Announcing Commvault Integration with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

By: Khye Wei | Product Manager


We are excited to announce the Commvault’s integration and support for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Customers can now use OCI Object Storage as a backup target using Commvault software. Commvault provides enterprise-class data protection technologies for on-premise and cloud-based workloads. This joint collaboration enables enterprises to lower costs and storage overhead while providing consistency for admins to manage backup, recovery, and archiving. Commvault’s support for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure compliments their existing support for OCI-Classic Object Storage and Archive Storage.

Commvault’s support is based on native integration with OCI Object Storage. Commvault brings enterprise-class features in data deduplication and data encryption. Data can be deduped and encrypted using Commvault before sending to OCI Object Storage. Commvault also has built-in a complete and independent copy retention management capability. When it comes to protecting cloud-native workloads in Oracle Cloud, this integration consolidates toolset across on-premise and cloud to further drive down costs, decrease complexity, and minimize re-training efforts.

The following is a list of requirements to configure OCI Object Storage as a backup target on Commvault.

  • OCI Object Storage account information
    • OCI subscription
    • OCI Object Storage endpoint
    • Access Key
    • Secret Key
  • Windows environment to host CommServe, Media Agent, and File System iDataAgent modules
    • CommServe and Media Agent can be provisioned on separate or single hosts
    • The modules can be deployed on either virtual or physical hardware
    • More information on system requirements for CommServe, Media Agent, and File System iDataAgent
  • Commvault license
  • Commvault v11 SP9 and onwards


OCI Object Storage Configuration on Commvault Console

Configure Cloud Storage Library

1. Add a Cloud Storage Library

2. Configure OCI Object Storage


Backup and Restore

To run backup and restore with the newly configured OCI Object Storage, a Storage Policy and Backup Sub-client are required.

1. Setup a Storage Policy by right-clicking Policies and choose New Storage Policy

2. Create a Sub-client

3. Perform Backup

4. Monitor backup job from the Job Controller

5. Perform Restore


The goal of this integration is to provide a seamless experience when configuring Commvault with OCI Object Storage. All you need is a set of OCI Object Storage credentials – Object Storage endpoint, Access Key, and Secret Key.


To get started, see our online documentation and the latest blog entry from Commvault.


Please let us know how we can continue to make data protection and backup and recovery easier for you.

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