August 27, 2020

A Simple Guide on How to edit Solaris 11.4 Install ISO image

By: Narendra Kumar SS | Principal Software Engineer


Login to a Solaris machine, download the Solaris Install DVD image (ISO format) and save it to a local folder.

Solaris Install DVD images can be downloaded from: https://www.oracle.com/solaris/solaris11/downloads/solaris11-install-downloads.html

Path to the Solaris Install ISO image that I downloaded and saved on my system: /var/tmp/sol-11_4_24_72_0-text-x86.iso

Please note that, all the commands need root or superuser authorization.

Create 3 temporary directories /root/ai, /root/ai/image and /mnt/ai. We use these temporary directories to mount the ISO filesystem and extracting its contents.

# mkdir /root/ai /root/ai/image /mnt/ai

The following command mounts the ISO image at /mnt/ai:

# mount -F hsfs $(lofiadm -a /var/tmp/sol-11_4_24_72_0-text-x86.iso) /mnt/ai

Now copy the filesystem mounted at /mnt/ai to /root/ai/image using cpio command:# cd /mnt/ai

# find . -depth -print | cpio -pdm /root/ai/image

Create the temporary directories /root/ai/zlib and /mnt/zlib for next stage of processing:

# mkdir /root/ai/zlib /mnt/zlib

The following command mounts the zlib image at /mnt/zlib:

# mount -F hsfs $(lofiadm -a /root/ai/image/solaris.zlib) /mnt/zlib

Now copy the contents of /mnt/zlib to /root/ai/zlib using cpio command:

# cd /mnt/zlib

# find . -depth -print | cpio -pdm /root/ai/zlib

Now the install image files are located at /root/ai/zlib and /root/ai/image directories. Now you can modify or replace any file you want in these directories.

# cd /root/ai/zlib

Recreate Solaris zlib image using the following command (it will get saved as mysolaris.zlib):

# mkisofs -o /root/ai/mysolaris.zlib -quiet -N -l -R -U -allow-multidot -no-iso-translate -cache-inodes -d -D -V "compress" /root/ai/zlib/

# lofiadm -C lzma /root/ai/mysolaris.zlib

Copy back the mysolaris.zlib back to /root/ai/image/solaris.zlib:

# cp /root/ai/mysolaris.zlib /root/ai/image/solaris.zlib

Create the new ISO image using the command:

# mkisofs -o /var/tmp/sol-11_4_24_72_0-text-x86_new.iso -c .catalog -eltorito-boot boot/bios.img -no-emul-boot -boot-load-size 4 -boot-info-table -eltorito-# platform efi -eltorito-boot boot/uefi.img -no-emul-boot -eltorito-platform 0xaf -eltorito-boot zvboot -no-emul-boot -U -allow-multidot -no-iso-translate -cache-inodes -N -l -R -D -volset tcu24-02.us.oracle.com-2014-02-01T22:13:56.652251 -V Oracle_Solaris_Text_X86 /root/ai/image

The new ISO file is ready and it is saved as: /var/tmp/sol-11_4_24_72_0-text-x86_new.iso This new ISO image has your changes inside.


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