October 22, 2018

Working with Create Error Activity

By: Carli Gray | Principal Member of Technical Staff


Want the ability to add an Create Error activity at any point in the execution of an integration flow?  Now you can.

  • Create or Edit an Integration

  • Drag the 'Create Error' action

  • Notice the gray plus icons that appear over the connector lines

  • The error can be Dropped on any of those plus icons

  • Once dropped enter a Nameand Description (optional) for the error

  • Upon choosing Create, you will automatically be take to error details

  • The error can contain information such as CodeReason and other Details

  • To edit the fields you'll need to click the pencil icon which will take you to the Expression Builder to enter the information

  • The user can also provide a Skip Condition which will prevent the error from actually being thrown

  • Closing the details will return you to the orchestration and the node will be added to the diagram

  • Without a Skip condition the diagram is displayed with a dashed line to the next activity signifying it will continue execution after executing the error.

  • When a Skip condition is specified the lineto the next activity is solid while the decoration around the error activity is dashed.  

  • The solid line indicates that it’s possible that the execution of the flow will bypass the error and go straight through to the next activity.

Principal Member of Technical Staff
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