March 23, 2018

Student Success Should Be Ubiquitous

By: Joe Burkhart


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Student Success Should Be Ubiquitous

Student success is now the focus of every institution and student success initiatives and programs are being implemented across many departments.  This landscape is getting cluttered and confusing to the point that the #2 issue of the 2018 EduCause Top 10 IT Issues is “Managing the system implementations and integrations that support multiple student success initiatives.”

Student Success should be an enterprise wide coordinated focus to build with every student experience and touch.  In short it should be ubiquitous.

We recently delivered a web conference to over 230 attendees highlighting the delivered and future capabilities of Oracle Student Cloud.  The key take away is that every touch, activity and experience will be supporting the success of the individual student/learner.  Student Cloud is delivering this by combining and harmonizing multiple capabilities such as embedded analytics, artificial intelligence, nurturing, termless enrollment and open credentials. 

Students and customers have been providing guidance about the student experience expectations today and in the future.  These insights have guided the continual evolution of the Oracle Student Cloud solutions are readily apparent in both the current release and the future direction.

To learn more, view the replay of this webinar.

(hyper link to replay f the webinar)https://go.oracle.com/LP=61401?elqcampaignID=121677

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