June 22, 2020

Sharding Oracle Database Cloud Service

By: Shailesh Dwivedi | Vice President, Product Management


Oracle Sharding is now available in Oracle Cloud with Oracle Database Cloud Service as well as with Kubernetis and Docker containers (OKE).

Oracle Sharding enables hyperscale, globally distributed, converged databases. It supports applications that require linear scalability, elasticity, fault isolation and geographic distribution of data for data sovereignty.

It does so by distributing chunks of a data sets across independent Oracle databases (shards). Shards can be deployed in the cloud or on-premises and require no specialized hardware or software. Unlike NoSQL solutions, Oracle Sharding provides strong data consistency, the full power of SQL, support for structured and unstructured data, and the Oracle Database ecosystem.

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Vice President, Product Management

Shailesh is Vice President of Product Management for Oracle Database Sharding. In his previous roles, he has been the product manager for Oracle Management Cloud, Oracle Enterprise Manager, and Oracle Fusion Middleware. Prior to that he worked as Technical Manager for Oracle Consulting and has been a Technical Architect and Software Engineer.

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