April 6, 2018

ServiceNow and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Integration for Enhanced Cloud Operations & Management

By: Anoop Srivastava | Senior Product Manager


We are pleased to announce the availability of ServiceNow configuration management database (CMDB) support for the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. ServiceNow CMDB provides a repository for discovered Oracle Cloud Infrastructure resources that can be used to understand service health, improve availability for IT Service, IT Operations and IT Support Management for enterprise customers. This integration will enable Oracle and ServiceNow joint customers to maintain a single repository of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure resource inventory, build a relationship map in the CMDB and summarize resource usage across different applications, projects, business, services, cost center and users. ServiceNow provides process and service automation with orchestration, approvals and service catalog capabilities. ServiceNow packages and delivers Oracle infrastructure resource elements such as compute, network and storage to customers through the service catalog.

This integration of ServiceNow for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure has been developed by Maple Labs (part of Xoriant Corporation).

ServiceNow CMDB                                          

ServiceNow is an Enterprise as a Service CMDB platform that provides security, real-time analytics, IT service and operations management solutions. It is a Single Platform to Automate Business Processes across the Enterprise using a Single Data Model, Intelligent Automation and modern User Experiences for everyone. Provides visibility across scale out of the Oracle cloud, virtualized and bare metal Infrastructure resources. It also provides dynamic Service Maps that allows creation of accurate service-aware view to keep it up-to-date with full automation and compliance


Oracle Cloud Infrastructure: Compute, Network and Storage resources

This post focusses on integration of ServiceNow CMDB integration with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure has compute, network and storage resources within logical groups’ called compartments. All of the compartments are available within a tenancy that is a secure and isolated partition within Oracle Cloud Infrastructure where you can create, organize, and administer your cloud resources.



The ServiceNow CMDB Integration and Discovery application uses the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure REST APIs to retrieve the resources managed by Oracle cloud Infrastructure.  These resources are imported into the ServiceNow configuration management database (CMDB).  Application builds a relationship map to enable easy identification of dependencies between resource to help accelerate inventory, event, change and configuration management functionality. Resources can also be assigned user defined tags to view the utilization and usage against applications, projects, business services, cost centers and users.  A dashboard view of resource usage is provided to administrators, operators and users. ServiceNow Portal for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is an intuitive UI dashboard that exposes the inventory assets from Oracle cloud Infrastructure. The dashboard in the ServiceNow portal provides fine-grained role based permissions for users to gain visibility into the oracle cloud based inventory and usage control.

ServiceNow –Oracle Integration key features include:

  • Discovery of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure resources
  • Oracle cloud User and Admin Portal for infrastructure Resources
  • Automated Discovery of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure resources

ServiceNow CMDB value proposition for enterprises in the Oracle Cloud is as follows:

  • Create a consistent single system of record for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
  • Bring existing Oracle Cloud Infrastructure resources under management using service-aware discovery.
  • Assist in change management planning using Configuration items (CI) discovered from Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.
  • Gain visibility of resources provisioned and used by cloud administrators and users using role-based permissions



Oracle & ServiceNow partnership provides enterprises take full advantage of the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure’s agility and advanced capabilities, while maintaining full visibility and control of their cloud resources.

To get started, please have a look at the ServiceNow listing in the Oracle Cloud marketplace: https://cloudmarketplace.oracle.com/marketplace/en_US/listing/19672546

ServiceNow CMDB Integration for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure on the ServiceNow Appstore is free to download: https://store.servicenow.com/sn_appstore_store.do#!/store/application/443b8f450f3c72009ba9adabe1050e8d/3.0.0?referer=sn_appstore_store.do%23!%2Fstore%2Fsearch%3Fq%3DOracle