June 22, 2020

PeopleSoft enhances option to Reprint “INS3500 Putaway plan report” in Image #36

By: Narayanan Mahalingam | Principal product manager


PeopleSoft Putaway process allocates locations for the items received through Purchasing or Manufacturing or Sales returns or Purchase returns or from any other source based on the space availability and preferences set by the warehouse in an organization. The simplest way of doing Putaway is through Express Putaway. Putaway process could be done by manual multi-step OR could be completely automated where the system takes care of allocations of locations entirely.

Following sequence of batch processes are executed sequentially OR auto kicked off, as part of put away process:

  • Loading the staged receipt
  • Generating the put away plan report
  • Review plan
  • Stock room feedback and
  • Completing the put away transaction

Every time a put away transaction is staged, a unique staging ID gets generated and also a Putaway plan report. This report contains details of the item, lot/serial quantity, location and receiver ID which serves as a guide for the store managers to review the receiving materials so that the items received are stored in respective locations without errors.

Currently once the printer is configured to the PeopleSoft system the command goes to the printer to print the Putaway Plan report. For some reason if the report is not clearly printed or aborted or physical copy is lost, there is no way to reprint the report also there is no other soft copy available with the Warehouse manager to continue material movement. This issue was reported by some of the customers. PeopleSoft product management team acknowledged this gap and decided to enhance the functionality. Effective Pum Image #36 a user can take advantage of this enhancement to reprint the report if a need arises.

Steps to follow to implement Putaway plan reprint functionality:

As part of this enhancement, the system holds the Putaway reports for a certain pre-defined number of days which is configurable. By default, the system retains the reports for 7 days and then the data gets purged so that space is released. It’s up to a user to decide on how many days’ worth reports need to be retained for reprinting which is defined in the Installation options page.

The Putaway Plan Report page is enhanced to allow a user to Print the report first time or Re-print.

A user needs to select the Putaway Plan ID to reprint the report.

Once put away process is “completed,” the system retains the Putaway plan reports for pre-defined number of days to allow users to Reprint the report if a need arises. Post PUM Image #36 warehouse staff don’t have to worry about printer failures especially while printing Putaway plan reports!

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