February 19, 2020

OCI Architecture Center: A single view for technical content about Oracle Cloud

By: Flavio Pereira | Senior Manager, Product Management



We are happy to announce our new Oracle Architecture Center page with a single view for technical content about Oracle Cloud. This page presents a set of technical content covering reference architectures, quick-start templates, solution guides, on-demand training, and blogs. 

The Architecture Center page highlights a set of reference architectures to help you build applications on top of OCI. Those reference architectures are structured to provide an architecture diagram, recommendations, and considerations when designing and deploying on OCI. The majority of the reference architectures will be accompanied by a terraform example where you can quickly deploy on your own account. Here are a few examples of what you will find:

As of now, you can find a list with more than 20 reference architectures on the page. New reference architectures are being released every week.

Under Oracle Architecture Center page, you will find more technical content, such as:

  • Quick Starts: A collection of Terraform templates to deploy complex software stacks from our partners and community. It automatically deploys compute, storage and networking and automates installation. These examples are intended to get users to quickly start using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. They can be customized to form the basis of a more complex deployment.
  • Solution Guides: Targeted and cross-product explanations and architectures for how to handle or implement a specific scenario on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.
  • Learn On-Demand: Jumpstart your cloud skills with free Oracle Cloud Learning Resources. To make learning about Oracle Cloud easier for everyone, we are releasing the same content that we use in our classrooms. We have more than 150 videos, online and free, providing more than 30 hours of content, to be consumed at your own pace.


We’d love to hear your feedback. Send us an email at oci-enablement_us_grp@oracle.com.
Senior Manager, Product Management
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