June 30, 2020

Lift & Shift of WebCenter Content

By: Santanu Chakraborty | Sr Product Manager


Oracle WebCenter Content (WCC) is one of the top leaders in Enterprise Content Management Domain in the market and lot of customers are using it from long time. Customers have millions/billions of data in their data center in WebCenter Content and often they have a requirement to move WCC instance from one data center to another or one machine to another for multiple reasons.

So, are you looking to move your Oracle WebCenter Content (including Imaging) Release 11g or 12c to another on-premise infrastructure or Oracle Cloud infrastructure (OCI)?

Yes, we have released a new document “Migrating Oracle WebCenter Content(pdf) or “Migrating Oracle WebCenter Content(HTML)” in WebCenter Content Book store which provides  new methods (chghost tool and Template Builder functionality) to relocate or clone WebCenter Content instances quickly. You can use the chghost tool in WebCenter Content releases and if the new infrastructure is going to be exactly the same as the old one. The Template Builder method can be used in a wider variety of use cases for both WebCenter Content 11g and 12c releases.

The document provides multiple options like:

  • Migrating WebCenter Content Release 11g to Another On-Premise Infrastructure
  • Migrating WebCenter Content Release 12c to Another On-Premise Infrastructure
  • Migrating WebCenter Content Release 11g and 12c to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Not only for multiple versions, it also provides detailed steps to migrate WebCenter Content environment for Clustered Instance or Non-clustered Instance and Identical infrastructure or Dissimilar Infrastructure.

When you are doing lift & shift of WebCenter Content, consider the below points:

  • Size of Data and Available Connection Bandwidth
  • Availability / Downtime
  • Integrations
  • Database and Data Sources
  • File System

Please remember that if you are using other products in the same domain such as WebCenter Portal, Sites or BPM, make sure that their instructions are also considered. This “Migrating Oracle WebCenter Contentdocument only covers WebCenter Content including Imaging.

This solution is proven and many customers have used this process and easily lift and shift their WCC instance to another data center or OCI easily with very minimal effort.

Sr Product Manager

Santanu is a Sr. Product Manager from WebCenter and Content & Experience Cloud team. 

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