April 10, 2018

Fearless Decisions: How Cummins Moved to the Cloud

By: Brittany Lindquist | Director Customer Marketing, Oracle HCM Cloud



During Oracle’s HCM World 2018, we strived to bring fearless leadership to the keynote stage. Fabio Fukuda, our customer keynote, took stage and inspired the room of 2,000+ attendees with his message of fearlessness. From enrolling in commercial pilot school, to moving to Japan to work on a factory shop floor, to competing and practicing the martial art of kendo, Fabio has never let fear get in the way of his goals.

The thread of fearlessness in his personal life is woven thick in his career. To implement Oracle’s HCM Cloud, Fabio and his team had to take great risks, but in the end, they prevailed in successfully driving Cummins’ HR transformation.

On stage last month, Fabio told the audience his story of fueling the HR dream and Cummins’ transition to the cloud.

In order to move to the cloud, Cummins had to consider the user experience and implement design thinking. The team wanted to ensure they implemented the right system that would empower people to grow their careers with meaningful work, and provide coaching and developmental opportunities so employees could make their impact on the world. Cummins calls this philosophy, “working right.” Transforming their HR systems was not an insignificant amount of work. Many functions within Cummins were working over a year to complete the cloud project.


Fabio’s Four Tips for Moving to the Cloud:

  1. Focus—Go for the low hanging fruit. Identify early wins that motivate your team and don’t try to boil the ocean.

  2. Change Management—Engage with your managers early and repeat often.

  3. Design Thinking—Take a human-centered approach. Build for the people. Deliver a superior user experience. Give employees something that is familiar to the tools and sites they would use at home. Be a mobile first organization. Move from thinking of this change as a “system” to an “ecosystem.”

  4. Analytics—Leverage the power of analytics to build your business case for change. Move beyond just descriptive analytics to predictive and prescriptive analytics. Deploy more dashboards and less reports.



Today, Cummins is seeing major success after their move to the cloud.

  • 98% employee adoption of Oracle’s HCM Cloud
  • 84% cycle-time reduction for Compensation and Talent Management processes
  • 1 day data latency for descriptive analytics, compared to 2-3 weeks in the past
  • 95% reduction in manual effort in delivering workforce insights to leaders
  • 100% elimination of inconsistencies in analyses and insights

Fabio is one of many fearless leaders we met last week who see endless possibilities in their workplace. Thanks to innovators such as Fabio, and his team, the cloud is the limit.

This year we had the honor of awarding Fabio a Oracle HCM Cloud Rubies Award for the second year in a row at Oracle's HCM World. To read more about our incredible winners, click here.


Director Customer Marketing, Oracle HCM Cloud
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