January 27, 2020

Export and Import For Libraries in OIC

By: Aashi Jain | Member Technical Staff


This feature provides the functionality to import and export the Library along with its metadata configuration. 

Currently to move a library file and its configuration from one environment to another, either we have to export/import one of the integration using the required library or we have to export/import the library and it's configuration separately. There is no functionality to export/import the library file along with its configuration.

But with this new feature, rather than exporting and importing all required files separately, we can now export the Library along with its configuration as a zip file and use the zip file to register and configure the library in another environment.

Prerequisite for Import Export Library Feature :

  1. Enable the feature flags : 
    • oic.ics.featureflag.spa.designer
    • oic.ics.console.library.importexport
  2. The minimum Oracle Integration version required for the feature is 200113.1400.33490


How it works

Let's assume you have a configured library in Test setup and you want to use it in an integration in Production setup. 

Suppose above is the configured library in Test and you want to use factorial and generateRandomNumber function from the above library in integration created in Production. 

You can now export the following library using the Export in action menu in Library list page. This will export a zip file containing Library JAR along with its metadata XML file.

In Production, Import the same Library zip file (containing library JAR and metadata configuration XML) using the Import button in the Header.

The system will first validate the following conditions :

  1. Imported library zip file should contain only a single jar and an xml file.
  2. The files inside the zip (JAR and XML) should have the same name.


Once the above conditions are satisfied, the system will register the imported zip file as a new library and configure the functions.


Note that if a library with the same name already exist, the system will ask you to replace the existing library. If you continue with Import And Replace, the system will replace the existing library with the imported JAR and XML file.


Import Library Restrictions

  1. Imported zip file should contain only two files : Library JAR and metadata XML
  2. Both the files should have same name.
  3. Imported file should not contain any directory or other format files.
  4. Imported feature is not supported if the library replaced is consumed by any active integration.
Member Technical Staff
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