April 21, 2020

Contextual Support Management for the Oracle IaaS and Paas Console

By: Jordan Oliver | Principal Technical Program Manager


The most exciting part of my job is delivering a solution to customers they've long-awaited. As Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) was born and grew to be a top IaaS and PaaS solution, the support experience lagged behind. Today, an IaaS or PaaS customer would go to their development console for service management and an entirely different portal for support management. Customers continually mentioned difficulty in discovering where to get Support and, once found, a very long process to submit a request. No longer.

We will meet the customer where they are. Portal consolidation, simple to use, contextual details automatically included allowing the potential of providing solutions along the way. For those that like to automate things, we've included a robust API. 

Support is a Click Away

We've made the engagement with Support a click away no matter where you're at on the console. After a one-time setup, managing support requests will be as intuitive and easy as managing resources inside the console. Customers can also set up policies to enable or disable specific personnel to submit support requests if they choose. 

Request an investigation on an issue directly from any Resource

We've embedded support engagement directly within the resource you may have problems with. By doing this, our service enables the ability to include resource information and event logs automatically. There's no reason to ask you for resource or event details when we can gather them ourselves. Support engineers are empowered to triage the issue immediately, allowing us to solve problems as fast as possible. 

To get set up, see the following guidance: 



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